Get more from your healthcare data.

Analytics and technology solutions that put the patient at the center of their healthcare experience
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Who We Are

Our Vision

Enable patients simplified access to and control over their healthcare information and experience in order to improve communication, quality and value.

Our Story

We understand the frustrations of patients and professionals in the delivering quality healthcare. Health and technology providers alike struggle to connect the dots across thousands of access points.  So we asked, what if we brought it back to just one point… the patient?  What would that look like?  


Leverage artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to augmenting a simple friendly application to enable and simplify the individual  healthcare experience.




The smartest way to manage patient data.

The LynxIQ App

Direct Value

Patients have a unified place to access

and update their healthcare information.  

Data combined effectively and efficiently to serve the needs to practitioners and providers in delivering better overall

health care.  

More Control

Patient placed in the center of their own healthcare experience.  Information bytes organized with controls on sharing and access across multiple points within the health healthcare space. Simplification of data exchange with the patient at its core.


Informed clarity

for patients and their provider

partners on the value of their healthcare experience in cost, utilization and quality.  

Simplified access of healthcare

data from its source

of truth.


Blockchain enables information and currency transactions securely.


Patients access and organize their healthcare information in one place.


Partners stay informed through an AI-driven communications network.



Comprehensive solutions require a synergistic approach.

As technology and science provide an ever growing set of tools at our fingertips,
Health LynxIQ provides a conscious set of methods in a world already flooded with too many data points.


Health LynxIQ's discerns a more mindful approach to the use of analytics, user experience and the products we create.


Health LynxIQ specializes in developing end-to-end technology solutions that directly drive business value, consumer adoption and revenue.




Over a century of combined healthcare experience and building solutions across multiple facets of the healthcare delivery system including provider, benefit managers, insurance, medical management and devices as well as pharma.  

Expertise in developing end-to-end  solutions using capabilities spanning from informatics, analytics and technology complemented by user experience and marketing. 


History of connecting industry leading capabilities within existing business models to catalyze revenue.

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Marinka Natale

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Founder, Healthcare Analytics 

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Healthcare Marketing

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Patient Behavior & User Experience

The Executive Team

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